Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tom Brady announced through Instagram that he’s leaving the Patriots. I’ve got fans in the family that are more pissed about the amount of time the news dedicated to this than they are that the best quarterback in league history is relocating. Like pineapple and pizza, this is a separation that probably should’ve happened years ago. I might actually end my NFL-hiatus this season and watch a couple games just to see how the Pats do.

What else?

According to NECN, drive time from Braintree to Boston was 9 minutes at 7:24 this morning. That’s normally over half an hour on a good day.

Turns out side lying hip abductors are not just for lazy college girls who don’t want to do a real workout.

Out of the box, Marcus f’ing Walden is the fourth highest rated pitcher on the Red Sox staff in MLB The Show 20. He slots in as the team’s third best starter. I find this hilarious.

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