I love the Patriots draft

Hot on the heels of Tom Brady’s departure for Tampa, the New England Patriots turned in the most Belichickian draft of all time. Obviously they need a quarterback, said every dumb ass TV analyst and local yokel rippin’ butts outside Dunks. Belichick took a Division II safety, three linebackers, two tight ends, some offensive linemen,Continue reading “I love the Patriots draft”

Plague Diary, Day 19

Wrestlemania weekend’s finally here! Wooo! WWE’s pending Showcase of the Immortals will be a two-night, ten-hour pretaped show hosted by Rob Gronkowski featuring crowdless matches in their Florida training facility and cinematic gimmick matches recorded in other, stranger settings. John Cena, for instance, will face the Fiend in the Firefly Funhouse while AJ Styles andContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 19”

Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Tom Brady announced through Instagram that he’s leaving the Patriots. I’ve got fans in the family that are more pissed about the amount of time the news dedicated to this than they are that the best quarterback in league history is relocating. Like pineapple and pizza, this is a separation thatContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20”