Plague Diary, Day 3: 3/16/20

Happy “Stone Cold” Steve Austin day! Give whoever you’re stuck inside with the finger and then shotgun a beer.

Got my workout routine settled: alternating days of upper body work and core work with the help of some resistance bands and a yoga mat. At first I thought I’d also run every couple days, but something’s taken up residence in my sinuses like old people invading a McDonald’s and I figure it’s best not to push that right now. Maybe I’ll start doing wind sprints in the driveway once that’s better.

What else?

Since restaurants are going delivery/pickup only, can we also make it so we can get booze to go?

Good news from NECN this morning, and I quote: “This virus is not stopping love!” Fucking gag me.

At one point this afternoon “Pooping while on conference calls” was the title of the top thread on r/boston.

Donald acknowledged that a recession is possible. I’ve been doing well selling short on chain restaurants, but still…buckle up.

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