Plague Diary, Day 28 and 29

After slogging through the first eighth of the season in Sony’s excellent MLB The Show 20, I’ve learned a lot about what the Red Sox would’ve looked like this year. That starting rotation really is a mess – even with Chris Sale healthy. Eduardo Rodriguez is good, sure, but the boys after that struggle toContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 28 and 29”

Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Tom Brady announced through Instagram that he’s leaving the Patriots. I’ve got fans in the family that are more pissed about the amount of time the news dedicated to this than they are that the best quarterback in league history is relocating. Like pineapple and pizza, this is a separation thatContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20”