Plague Diary, Days 20 and 21

The first night of Wrestlemania has to be considered a huge success. WWE put on an entertaining show in what amounts to a gymnasium while the nation’s faced with a pandemic. Great work by all involved. The easy highlight of the night was the Boneyard Match. Watching the Undertaker duke it out with A.J. StylesContinue reading “Plague Diary, Days 20 and 21”

Plague Diary, Day 1: 3/14/20

This is the kind of shit real writers write, right? Might as well give it a go. My day job shut down its public operations on Thursday and ended onsite work for nonessential personnel yesterday. It’s appreciated. I’m not super worried about catching something in the cube farm, but the train I have to rideContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 1: 3/14/20”

Scott’s COVID-19 quarantine checklist

The pandemic is coming. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, so we might as well lean into it and make it a good time. This handy-dandy guide to pre-quarantine shopping will transform your coronavirus into an awesome Corona beach party. Rice and beans. A hearty source of calories, protein, and thunderous farts withContinue reading “Scott’s COVID-19 quarantine checklist”