Plague Diary, Day 28 and 29

After slogging through the first eighth of the season in Sony’s excellent MLB The Show 20, I’ve learned a lot about what the Red Sox would’ve looked like this year. That starting rotation really is a mess – even with Chris Sale healthy. Eduardo Rodriguez is good, sure, but the boys after that struggle toContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 28 and 29”

Plague Diary, Days 25 and 26

Bernie ended his campaign. I am sad. Turns out his team and I made the same incorrect assumption: that his success in the midwest during the 2016 primaries suggested some innate connection to the working class in those states and wasn’t just a result of how much those people inexplicably despise Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden’sContinue reading “Plague Diary, Days 25 and 26”

Cheaters usually prosper

As expected, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred came down hard on the Houston Astros for their camera and trash can based sign stealing during the 2017 season. General manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch were both suspended from the game for a year, and the Astros themselves were fined and stripped of severalContinue reading “Cheaters usually prosper”

Sox add Peraza, Perez, Arauz; Porcello joins the Mets

It’s still way too early (and the budget is still far too constrained) to really judge the effectiveness of new Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, but a small flurry of moves this week could provide some insight into how the team’s baseball ops crew is going to evaluate players going forward. Each ofContinue reading “Sox add Peraza, Perez, Arauz; Porcello joins the Mets”