Sox add Peraza, Perez, Arauz; Porcello joins the Mets

It’s still way too early (and the budget is still far too constrained) to really judge the effectiveness of new Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, but a small flurry of moves this week could provide some insight into how the team’s baseball ops crew is going to evaluate players going forward. Each ofContinue reading “Sox add Peraza, Perez, Arauz; Porcello joins the Mets”

Scott vs. the NFL

My legions of loyal blogonauts will surely recognize this topic, but whereas I am badly out of blogging practice I thought it wise to launch my latest attempt to scream into the dark bowels of the internet in desperate hope of being heard with an oldie but a goodie. There was time not long agoContinue reading “Scott vs. the NFL”