MLB should make their expanded playoffs permanent

How great was that first round? After months of watching my beloved Red Sox stumble through life like an angry drunk trying to fight a subway train, watching multiple quality teams play meaningful, competitive baseball was a breath of fresh air. I kept the games on while working, eating, and playing video games, paying halfContinue reading “MLB should make their expanded playoffs permanent”

Scott’s half-assed 2020 NFL season preview

After decades of watching as much football as possible every weekend, I swore off the NFL a few years ago. So many things about that league frustrated me to the point that watching felt more like a job than something I enjoyed. Now we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I’m bored, and I’m superContinue reading “Scott’s half-assed 2020 NFL season preview”

Going back to school in this shit is dumb

I’m not a parent so I should probably keep my mouth shut about this…but you know what? This weird insistence that children need to return to school in person affects more than just kids, teachers, and parents–it affects the entire community. The progress we’ve made in slowing the spread of COVID-19 is entirely based onContinue reading “Going back to school in this shit is dumb”

Beer gardens should be allowed to open in Massachusetts, with or without food

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker caused an uproar earlier this week when he announced during a press conference that “Bars are closed in Massachusetts and bars masquerading as restaurants also need to be closed.” The new rules state that the first round must be paired with food prepared onsite; many businesses are struggling to understand exactlyContinue reading “Beer gardens should be allowed to open in Massachusetts, with or without food”

Why didn’t any of you jabronis tell me I should start meditating?

Seriously. The first time I did it a couple weeks ago, for a whole five minutes, I couldn’t believe I’ve gone this far without it. I’ve tried to do it everyday since. If it’s a work day, I try to make it happen before a meeting so that I’m ready to roll. I sit cross-leggedContinue reading “Why didn’t any of you jabronis tell me I should start meditating?”

What in the fuck should I do with my hair???

If you’re like me, you’re on the fence about whether you want some asshole with scissors breathing god knows what all over your face while you sit in an unfamiliar chair that anybody’s COVID-y ass sweat could’ve seeped into, and you realize that barber shops operate on such a tight margin that you’re not sureContinue reading “What in the fuck should I do with my hair???”

What weird bullshit should the Red Sox put in the stands behind home plate?

One of the best things about watching Korean baseball is the way they’ve had fun with the empty stands behind home plate. I’ve seen mascots, Pokemon, and all kinds of shit back there that makes me smile. If MLB doesn’t steal this idea, then frankly, they’re fucking stupid. We know they won’t, because we knowContinue reading “What weird bullshit should the Red Sox put in the stands behind home plate?”