Plague Diary, Day 11

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is finally considering a rule change to temporarily allow bars and restaurants to sell beer and wine with takeout. This would allow customers to purchase up to 16 beers and two bottles of wine. This is a good step, but Charlie–my boy!–what about pitchers of margarita? Or one fish-bowl per familyContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 11”

Plague Diary, Day 8 and 9: 3/21/20 and 3/22/20

Yes, I already missed a day so I’m combining two into a single entry. I make the rules around here, see, and I say this is just fine and dandy. Clickbait-y “What will life be like after coronavirus?” posts are already popping up across the internet, because of course they are. Don’t open either ofContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 8 and 9: 3/21/20 and 3/22/20”

Plague Diary, Day 7: 3/20/19

After almost a week of eating only home cooked meals, I gave in and ordered takeout. The steak I’d defrosted is a tough cut that needs a night to marinate anyway. I’m a decent cook and I enjoy my own food, but holy shit the heaping pile of shawarma, fries, and falafel the nice deliveryContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 7: 3/20/19”

Plague Diary, Day 6: 3/19/20

Boring day. Donald was extra orange and his presser about expediting the testing of promising antivirals got me all excited for about forty-five minutes before I came back down to earth. It’s like having a decent night at the bar with someone you don’t really like. Feels dirty, man. What else? Market Basket is offeringContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 6: 3/19/20”

Plague Diary, Day 5: 3/18/20

Happy Awkward Moments Day! With times looking lean for families across America due to lost work, officials throughout the government are promising all adults a $1000 bailout check. Even staunch conservatives like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are behind the plan. Funny how when things get tough we leave capitalism cowering in the corner soContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 5: 3/18/20”

Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Tom Brady announced through Instagram that he’s leaving the Patriots. I’ve got fans in the family that are more pissed about the amount of time the news dedicated to this than they are that the best quarterback in league history is relocating. Like pineapple and pizza, this is a separation thatContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 4: 3/17/20”

Plague Diary, Day 1: 3/14/20

This is the kind of shit real writers write, right? Might as well give it a go. My day job shut down its public operations on Thursday and ended onsite work for nonessential personnel yesterday. It’s appreciated. I’m not super worried about catching something in the cube farm, but the train I have to rideContinue reading “Plague Diary, Day 1: 3/14/20”