On Joe Biden

I’ll tell you flat out that Joe wasn’t my first choice to become the Democratic nominee. I liked Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren was my number two. I want universal healthcare and action on climate change and I want both of those things now, god damn it, because the longer we putz around the worse life’s going to be for a lot of people.

But Sanders and Warren aren’t in the race anymore. Biden is. He’s not perfect, but he’s good enough.

I don’t have a ton to say about this that hasn’t already been repeated a zillion times elsewhere by other smarter but less handsome writers, but I do have this: remember that the Republicans didn’t get to where they are overnight. You can argue that their mad grab for power at any cost started with Newt Gingrich and his bullshit, sometime around 1995. It took the GOP 25 years of slowly moving the goalposts inch by inch by inch to pave the way for shitbags like Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to become the shittiest shitbags that have ever shat in our government’s bag. The change they sought did not happen overnight, but man has it been insidious and effective. Think back five, ten, or fifteen years ago; did you ever think the United States would look like this? Like the GOP or loathe them, they changed the game.

So in spite of how badly I want more progressive politicians and policies to swoop in with power washers and immediately spray away all the bullshit…I recognize that there’s definite value in an incremental approach because we have obvious evidence that such tactics really can work. If we can’t change things overnight, well, let’s move the goalposts a bit, or at least stop them from being dragged any further in the wrong direction.

And for the record, I do think Joe can be moved to adopt more progressive policies. I think the guy that helps stuttering children has a good heart and can be convinced that a more liberal approach will help more people. Heck, his policy work with Bernie Sanders has put him on a more leftward platform than he initially ran on in the primaries.

I’ll take it. Joe’s not perfect, but he’s a step in a much better direction than his opponent would take us – even if it’s just a baby step.

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