I love the Patriots draft

Hot on the heels of Tom Brady’s departure for Tampa, the New England Patriots turned in the most Belichickian draft of all time. Obviously they need a quarterback, said every dumb ass TV analyst and local yokel rippin’ butts outside Dunks. Belichick took a Division II safety, three linebackers, two tight ends, some offensive linemen, and a kicker with questionable taste in ink.

I love this.

This is Bill throwing down the gauntlet and telling Tommy to go fuck himself. Draft a quarterback? Fuck you, we got Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham!

My world view is validated. I have long believed that quarterback is the single most overrated position in all of sports. After the top three or four they’re all kind of the same: okay at their best, total disasters at their worst. One of the things that drove me away from football was the way everyone involved insisted on crawling right up the poop chutes of passers that obviously kind of sucked. Football is a team game. The pretty boy asshole chucking the pigskin doesn’t stand a chance against good competition without a strong offensive line, quality special teams, and a defense that keeps him in the game.

I didn’t think anything could get me back into football. Bill flipping off the world just did. I’ll damn sure be tuning in every weekend to watch him try to stick it to Tommy and all his haters. Sign me up for a season of pure spite!

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