Plague Diary, Day 28 and 29

After slogging through the first eighth of the season in Sony’s excellent MLB The Show 20, I’ve learned a lot about what the Red Sox would’ve looked like this year.

  • That starting rotation really is a mess – even with Chris Sale healthy. Eduardo Rodriguez is good, sure, but the boys after that struggle to get through five without leaving a terd on the field.
  • Which adds stress to the less than stellar bullpen. The team probably needs at least two guys out there who can go more than a couple innings.
  • A couple smart platoons have the lineup ready for most situations. Jackie Bradley/Kevin Pillar in center and Mitch Moreland/Michael Chavis at first should keep opposing managers from exploiting what’s often a lefty-heavy lineup.
  • That said, the depth options kind of suck. The bench feels a player short, and I dread the day I need to reach into the minors to replace an injured arm.
  • They run slower than Republicans accept that we’re in a global pandemic. I’ll be amazed if I can swipe ten bags with any of these guys.

In real life, I’d peg the Sox for 90 wins and a chance at the second wild card. They’re still a pretty good team with a stacked lineup that should score a lot of runs. A few smart acquisitions could put them over the top, but they could also royally poop their pants at any moment. They’d be giving the sports talk radio guys plenty of material either way.

What else?

It was Easter. People still went to church. I can’t even. Christ, isn’t attempting to save your immortal soul at the risk of your community’s health count as giving into some sort of sinful temptation? I’m not taking your name in vain this time, bro. I’m seriously asking. Might be a good idea to make a few hedges in Georgia spontaneously combust and bellow “THOU SHALT STAY THE FUCK HOME.”

I’m eating so much butter.

Gonna be an interesting week on the stock market. Several major banks will be announcing their quarterly earnings. Those numbers ain’t gonna be good. It’s possible lower earnings are already reflected in their previous price drops and nothing changes. It’s possible they’re not. It’s also possible the market treats reacts to lower earnings like it reacted to the last round of unemployment numbers and goes “ehh, that’s not so bad!” and some of these stocks rise a buck or two. I kind of suspect it’ll be that last one, because this shit is stupid.

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