Plague Diary, Days 20 and 21

The first night of Wrestlemania has to be considered a huge success. WWE put on an entertaining show in what amounts to a gymnasium while the nation’s faced with a pandemic. Great work by all involved.

The easy highlight of the night was the Boneyard Match. Watching the Undertaker duke it out with A.J. Styles and his lackeys in a cinematic brawl that included a rooftop piledriver, teleportation, and a dramatic burial is a brilliant way to make an aging competitor look like a million bucks. That said, I worry a bit that the amount of online attention this match is getting will inspire WWE to do their favorite thing: take something good and do it over and over and over again until no one wants to hear about it anymore.

The best regular match of the night had to be Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens. Rollins strolling to the ring dressed as a bishop, Owens jumping off the Wrestlemania sign to elbow drop his opponent through a table, and a solid finish in a night where the bookers otherwise felt afraid to write decisive victories made this one a must watch.

If the second half is as good as the first, we’ll have a high quality Wrestlemania on our hands.

What else?

Massachusetts is getting heavy into contact tracing, a tactic designed to map the spread of the coronavirus. Finding out where confirmed cases have been recently and who they’ve interacted with will theoretically help contain this thing. I’ve decided to start taking notes about where I’ve taken my daily walks and whether I’ve been to a store in case I need to participate.

Should I email the bar up the street to tell them they left their Golden Tee on?

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