Plague Diary, Day 15 (For real this time, turns out I can’t count)

In this time of crisis, is it better to support a wide variety of restaurants or consolidate your business with a select few?

Normally I’m the guy who wants to go everywhere and eat and drink everything. I’ve got my favorites like anyone else, but if someone opens up an Asian fusion restaurant in an old warehouse and decorates it with twenty-foot murals of Tony Hawk those favorites can fucking wait a week or two.

Right now, though, I want my favorites to survive. I don’t care about saving the two dozen pizza places within walking distance of my apartment. I’d rather transact with the ones I really like, in the hopes that consolidating my business will help them survive. What makes a bigger impact here: $20 every two months, spread to several different places, or $100 once a month to just two or three? It’s selfish, sure, but I’m going with the latter here.

What else?

Someone licked an orange line train the other day. After a period of deep introspection I’ve decided this must’ve tasted like the vile liquid inside a Gansett tallboy left out in the sun for three days.

I wish pubs that do takeout offered add on Keno tickets.

I went through a big time country music phase in the early 90s and coronavirus just claimed one of my favorites: Joe Diffie. The dude’s classic country voice and silly lyrics combined to produce a bunch of songs twelve-year-old Scott thought were real bangers, yo. Here’s your top five playlist in memorium of Joe Diffie if you’re into that scene.

5. Pickup Man
4. Third Rock from the Sun
3. Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox if I Die
2. John Deere Green
1. Bigger than the Beatles

Trisha Yearwood had better have Garth Brooks locked up in the bunker where this shit can’t touch him.

I’ve finished Tiger King, and I’ve decided Joe Exotic is what would’ve happened to Donald if he’d been born poor in the midwest. I can’t help feeling sort of bad for the guy even though he absolutely brought all that shit upon himself.

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