Plague Diary, Day 13

Of course the guy holding up the stimulus bill was a Republican from Kentucky. Of fucking course it was.

I am so tired of all the people on TV and the internet saying we need to put aside our differences and come together in the face of this crisis. One side has consistently made that impossible with their ridiculous bullshit. The Republicans in Congress don’t compromise; they stonewall unreasonably, dig in their heels on idiotic demands, and then blame the Democrats for holding up the process. Christ, bringing together a diverse coalition of people from a wide variety of backgrounds is the left’s entire fucking platform. You really think they’re not going to want to work with someone who comes to them in good faith?

So no, we don’t need to end the polarization and come together. The Republicans in Congress need to cut the shit and stop being evil corporate shills, blind sellout zealots, and dumbass fucking shitbags catering to the bat shit constituencies they’ve gerrymandered out of irrelevance and function like reasonable, rational, well-intentioned human beings for three or four fucking months. Is that really too much to ask?

Note the in Congress part I’ve been careful to maintain. There are lots of conservatives out there who are much better than these obnoxious ass goblins. With apologies to Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker, and the late John McCain, the good ones generally don’t end up in charge. Maybe it’s similar to the process through which a weird percentage of individuals who move up to the C-levels of large corporations are sociopaths. Whatever.

What else?

British Donald tested positive for COVID-19.

Wrestlemania is turning into a mess. Many of the planned matches have been changed due to illness or a lack of availability. Roman Reigns, who is immuno-compromised due to his battle with leukemia, walked out of taping when he learned the Miz arrived while sick. I don’t blame any performers who prioritize their health in these situations and I hope they all stay safe. WWE is also consistently at its best when they have to change their plans, so I’m hopeful Wrestlemania will be a fun show.

I watched the first episode of Tiger King and it’s giving me so many book ideas. I’ve never really written that sort of intense rivalry before. The wheels are turning.

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