Plague Diary, Day 11

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is finally considering a rule change to temporarily allow bars and restaurants to sell beer and wine with takeout. This would allow customers to purchase up to 16 beers and two bottles of wine.

This is a good step, but Charlie–my boy!–what about pitchers of margarita? Or one fish-bowl per family of four? Why not let customers take a shot or drop a carbomb right there on the sidewalk while we’re picking up our burgers and steak tips? Or how about curbside flask fill up?

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Let’s help our neighbors make money and get sloshed!

What else?

Prince Charles tested positive. I may soon be only 1,098,789,232 steps from the British throne.

My sinuses are all cleared up. When I think about where I was clogged, and where they shove a swab for people needing a test, I wonder if I had a very mild case of it. Seems doubtful given all the seasonal allergies and the way I always get a little ill when the weather starts to change, but I’ll never know for sure.

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