Plague Diary, Day 8 and 9: 3/21/20 and 3/22/20

Yes, I already missed a day so I’m combining two into a single entry. I make the rules around here, see, and I say this is just fine and dandy.

Clickbait-y “What will life be like after coronavirus?” posts are already popping up across the internet, because of course they are. Don’t open either of those, they’re just there to maintain journalistic integrity–and they’re bullshit. They’re too hopeful. This will not lead to universal healthcare, or a return to faith in science, or improved working conditions, or any of the commonsense things you’d think it might. We’ve already hammered the world’s idiots with enough proof and they haven’t even budged. The scaredy cat assholes who’ve been holding us all back by doubling down on their bullshit for the last few years will walk out of this even more afraid of their own shadows and will quadruple, quintuple, or sextuple (ha ha sex) down on their stupidity because that’s the new normal. It’ll be a generational thing, like racism or homophobia, that won’t die out until the perpetrators themselves do.

Yes, that’s dark–but it’s true and you know it.

What else?

People who don’t step aside when passing someone else on the sidewalk are seriously starting to piss me off. If for some god forsaken reason you’re walking four abreast and you see someone coming your way, move your ass to the side. If you don’t do that, I reserve the right to pretend to cough on you.

That steak and zucchini I mentioned in my last update turned out to be pretty excellent. The hoisin garlic sauce I used as a marinade imbued that cow with quite a pleasant flavor.

I also made French toast yesterday. I haven’t had French toast in years. Good stuff, especially when you start with cinnamon swirl bread.

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