Plague Diary, Day 6: 3/19/20

Boring day. Donald was extra orange and his presser about expediting the testing of promising antivirals got me all excited for about forty-five minutes before I came back down to earth. It’s like having a decent night at the bar with someone you don’t really like. Feels dirty, man.

What else?

Market Basket is offering special hours for people 60 and over. I hate the grocery store on a good day, so this sounds like own personal hell. Come on, Betty, all those cans of green beans are the fucking same. Pick one, get your cart out of the middle of the aisle, and for Christ’s sake leave the nickels in your purse when you get to the cashier. Jokes aside, I’m glad Market Basket and other retailers are doing this.

Florida beaches are still packed with spring breakers. City officials are planning to shut things down next week when all the kids are gone. I understand why going to the beach with a bazillion drunk people all looking to bang is stupid, but I also can’t really blame a bunch of college students looking to have fun while they can and not giving a shit about the older generation that fucked them over.

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