Plague Diary, Day 2: 3/15/20

Work from home starts tomorrow. I’ve been trying to figure out what my routine and schedule look like. In a way, this is all reminding me of the four months I spent unemployed a few years ago, so I’m using that as a starting point: regular wake up time every day, breakfast with the news, some exercise, then get to work. Writing code unfortunately isn’t quite as much fun as writing books. There’s also going to be a daily walk so I can stretch my legs and check out the neighborhood.

Things are starting to shut down. Restaurants are allowed to serve delivery and take out but not host people in their dining rooms. We went out to an empty bar for corned beef dinner last night. Seeing a pub that quiet on St. Patrick’s weekend was just the latest in a long line of weird shit. It was actually kind of nice.

What else?

I’m pretty sure the turkeys are going to take over the streets. We’ll soon be inundated with photos of the little bastards hanging out in empty intersections, pooping on cars, and generally running the city while we’re all hiding inside. Get ready.

Donald supposedly tested negative, but Joe Biden seems to have a little bit of a cough.

Speaking of Uncle Joe, he and Bernie are debating free public college as I type this. I think that’s a good idea, but it doesn’t hit what I think is the bigger problem: companies requiring college degrees for entry-level office work where the only real requirement is being able to read, type, and sit in the right cubicle. Make that illegal and college becomes much less of a necessity.

One thought on “Plague Diary, Day 2: 3/15/20

  1. Speaking of this college degree crap. On the job training is way more useful that a college degree. The colleges and professors won’t agree, for obvious reasons.
    Great you can take a class and pass a test. But can you do actual real world work and get stuff done.
    I know many companies out there who need to spend 6 months or more training someone with a college degree. Why waste the time and money.
    Just start working and let the company train you.


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